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Have The Hidden Intention To Be Sniper?

I know you musn’t going to Gaza to be a sniper lol. You just deliver your passion to be one of Indonesian army and maybe you can be on them someday. To support our country to fight against terrorist.

By playing paintball you will experience the same condition like war. You could be the paintball sniper who put your enemy down. This game is very interesting to be played because it sharpen your inteligence and your sentivity about your surroundings area.

You and your comrade could using paintball gear to support your group. It’s like a real war. All your experince in playing paintball could be supplied by Ultimate Paintball. It’s an online store that provided you everything you need to play paintball.


  1. Paintball??? I like play paintball

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  2. paintball..


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  3. what the same paintball between sniper?

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    Don’t you got the point? Paintball is a game and sniper is a player who play a paintball. Look like you must find Kamus Terjemah Bahasa Indonesia. LOL

  4. di gaza mah darah asli yang keluar
    bukan saus kaya di painball :p

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  5. 😀 nice post gan..
    main painbal bisa buat buang kejenuhan 🙂

  6. Mmmm.. kalo saya maen CS he..he..

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  7. lho kok malah paintball?weks

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